My desires

We here at Life a la Mode try to stay realistic.  Most of the time.  But what fun is there in a fantasy-less world?  Especially when it comes to blogging?  Here is my list of "would love to have in my lifetime." A Bucket Wish List if you will.


An Eames chair.  This one, in particular.  Either for The Husband's man cave office or our living room.


I also wouldn't be opposed to an Eames rocker.  That blue one in the background is just my color.

A really nice piece of art.  Not a print or poster, but REAL art.  Maybe something from my mom's gallery.


A nice rug for my living room.  A big one.  That area is so sparse right now it needs a little something and I think a rug would do the trick.  Maybe something from Jonathan Adler.  By the way, you can now design your own rug/pillow at his site.  It's quite fun.


A Diana+ toy camera.  These take the dreamiest pictures.  They're super affordable, but the film itself (yes, film) isn't cheap and it's not cheap to develop either.  I keep going back and forth on whether I'll get one, and maybe if I can find the extra $$ or time, I might.


A Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-135mm lens for my D50.  It's a super versatile lens that I'd love to add to my collection to use.  Actually, if I could have any lens I wanted, I'd get the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens.  It takes such pretty portraits.

Oh and maybe this too.

Villa Yacht

It's nice to have dreams isn't it?