What is it when mercury ISN'T in retrograde?

Doesn't matter what it's called, what matters is that everything is going to be a to the o-k.

Wasn't the weather just gorgeous on Saturday?  I took advantage of it and went out and about to play.  First I started the day taking pictures of my friend's little baby girl (pictures will be up soon) and while over on the East side, I went to visit another good friend at the Walden Artisen Festival.

You might remember my friend Abby, creator of Abbyhugs.  Well, since her line of hand-made hats and glovelettes have taken off, she has made an official name change and I am proud to introduce, Prairie*Go*Round!  We're going to do a little photoshoot soon once we can round up her models.  In the meantime you can find her online and if you're on Twitter, please show some local biz love and follow her. @prairiegoround.

This Sunday (I am so excited!) I step into A Perfect Fete mode, put on my wedding planner hat and coordinate a friend's wedding.  The Thirty-Something Bride has been a friend for a while now, and I am honored that she's asked me to be her day-of person.

I'm thrilled to be working with fellow Emerson College alum and local photographer Jonathon Campbell.  His photographs are always so vibrant, he always manages to capture joy with each shot, I can't wait to experience a day with them!  Here's a shot from when he did my bride's engagement pictures.


You can see more of Jonathon's work here on his blog.

Their wedding is going to be beautiful.  If you'd like to see how she came up with her ideas go to her blog The Thirty-Something Bride and follow her every thought from the start of her planning - it's amazing and VERY inspiring.  I forgot to mention that she's a designer by trade, and she put all her skills and knowledge to fabulous use with the planning.  I haven't done anything much up to this point, she's come up with it all herself.  This is the second D.I.Y. bride I've had this year and I'm full of admiration for them both.

Here's to a good week to you all!  I'm up to my eyeballs in work projects but will hopefully finish editing the baby pictures soon so you can see.  Not to mention the wedding!

October's definitely off to a good start.