The Thirty-Something Bride

My life has taken me through wonderful journeys in which I've befriended some really awesome people.  During my stint as a yoga instructor, I met people from all walks, some remained acquaintances and students, some became fast friends.

One of those friends is The Thirty-Something Bride - she and I hit it off soon after learning each others' names.  When she got engaged last year, she came to me and asked if I would help her plan and coordinate her wedding.  "Honored" doesn't even come close to how I felt when she asked.

On October 11th, I got to witness her say "I do" to her Candyman (that's her online moniker for him) and be a part of the whole day as their coordinator.


The TSB blogged all through her planning process (you have to see this to believe how great a job she did) and just this week the photographers Jonathon Campbell Photography and Kristen Steele Photography put their pictures up for viewing.

It was a gorgeous day, a beautiful and fun-filled wedding with so many personal touches... I was lucky to be part of it.