Simply having


SO excited.  I love the holidays.  I love the cold weather so I can get snuggly in my sweaters and Uggs, I love the new red nose I put on my car, I love the lights on trees and the houses all decorated and sparkly... and I love wishlists!

This is one of the few times of the year when I don't feel guilty for wanting things beyond my needs.  Those little things I find while browsing for other people's presents that I would love to have but just aren't necessary.  Like another camera lens.  Or more sweaters or jewelry!

While going through the gift guide on Etsy, I saw this cape


How gorgeous is that? The seller, Artlab, also has a ton of really cool scarves. Very haute.  I especially love this scarf:


But I digress.  Each year, it seems shopping for people I love gets harder and harder.  The more we go through life, the more stuff we accumulate and at some point we start to need or even want less and less. I recall asking for baking equpment for Christmas.  Last year I got a food processor and a tart pan, both of which I've put to good use.

This year, I don't know what I want. Yoga gear? Like tops or shorts maybe?  I could ALWAYS use gift cards.

Regardless of what I do get, this entire year has been a pretty good present. Sappy no? Anyway, it's been a good year. 2009 was enjoyable, it's been a year of positive changes like I wanted, and it's setting the stage for a great 2010.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming festivities, whichever faith you hold.  And I hope you get everything you want this year too!