Urban Outfitters in The Gulch

I could barely hide the glee on my face as I walked into our very own Urban Outfitters store this morning.  It didn't matter that I had to pee really badly and they don't have a bathroom for public use. I just clenched, and started shopping.  The first thing I noticed was that the store seemed a little bare. Sure enough, they didn't have a home section with the rugs, wall art and the other knick knacks they sell.  According to my friend abby, a couple of the stores in Chicago have also gotten rid of theirs so this might not be a new thing after all. Still, I was disappointed that I could check some items I've seen online out in person.
They do seem to have more perfume and makeup items than other UO's I've been to. What was great about them opening today was that it wasn't a cluster at all - I was there right before lunchtime, and I got in and out of the fitting rooms twice without having to wait. The sales staff are still on their opening day high and are extremely nice, and very very helpful.

One thing I wonder is how they'd do in Nashville. I'd imagine UO goes over great with the college crowd, especially Belmont kids who, lately, seem to be way more hipster trendy than I remembered them to be when I first moved here in 2001.  Vandy kids... they're still primarily of the Lacoste, Lily Pulitzer, Tori Burch crowd so it may be a while till it catches on with a lot of them.  What surprised me today were how many moms were in there pulling clothes out for themselves.  It'll be interesting to see the clothes from UO interpreted by the Belle Meade types!

As for me, I picked up some skirts and a cute top.


Two tulip skirts, one linen and one cotton (can't find the picture)


and a casual black skirt with pockets.

I will confess, even though I gush and coo over the UO catalog and I love the way they style their outfits I'm at a point where it's really not all for me. No, I don't think I'll ever outgrow the store, there's always going to be something I could wear and I love their jewelry and accessories. But I have to face facts - I'm not 20 anymore!!

That said, I'm so going back this weekend with the husband.