Small! Green! Environmentally friendly! All the key elements that pique people's interest these days. Well, mine in particular. Ever since I started driving (and fell in love with) a Mini, I've come to appreciate the whole "great things come in small packages" thing.

I covet the Smart Car. I want one so bad. And today I added another tiny car to my list of wants - the VerdeGoh electric car! 200x200_xg4.jpg

It's run on batteries, completely electric and is perfect for when I just want to make a grocery store run, or just run errands around town. From what I gathered on their FAQ page, the cars come in either a Low or Medium Speed Vehicle (LSV/MSV) range. The medium allows you to travel on roads with speed limits up to 40mph. True, it doesn't leave a lot of options but it works for my needs.

This is definitely a third car. At this point in time, I can't afford a third car. But when things get better, and oh, call me crazy - when I get a full time job (!!!) who knows??

Oh did I mention they're right here in TN? The people who run the company are fast on their way to opening a general store selling green products. You can check them out on their blog here.

It's encouraging to see that there are local companies making an effort to impart environmentalism on the city's residents without being overbearing. Now if they can just figure out how to get those cars to come into Nashville so people here will see them for themselves! There's a certain blogger in these parts that would love to test drive one!