Joke's on me!

So... I had to turn around and go home twice this morning because in my rush to get out of the housekeeper's way, I forgot my yoga mat, and then my cell phone. The first one I probably could live without but my iPhone? Nosir.

Then I went to get petrol and forgot my debit card. Then I thought I lost my debit card. So I called all the possible places I could have left it at and no one has seen it. Shit. Then I call the bank and ask to cancel my debit card. "Yes, again." Don't judge me. I asked what the last transaction was and she said "iTunes." So I go through the shpiel of ordering another card and it hits me - it's right on my desk at home because I had to change my info (since I lost the other card 2 weeks ago and subsequently found) to purchase an app.

Luckily, it wasn't too late to cancel the cancellation. Are you still following me? Ok good. The woman on the phone as trying hard not to laugh but I gave her permission to when I said "No that's all I need today, glad I could entertain you this morning" and hung up.

It was only 9:15 at that point. GAW.

Let's see if I can make it to noon without walking into a door.