Day 4

Honestly? I can't believe I've made it through 4 days.  Quick recap - Day 1: kind of rough. Day 2: better, felt wonderful. Day 3: Even better, feel and look different, like, stronger and thinner. Sure enough, I lost 3lbs.

The fourth day was not the easiest day or easiest class but the biggest difference was in my yoga practice itself.  I'm almost weened of the bad habits I had from my previous studio, and I'm way more focused now without being obsessive.  And I'm not totally hard on myself if I fall out of balance or if I can't do something.  My mental state is more calm, it's more sane and my thoughts are clearer than ever. It's fascinating what this yoga practice is doing for me!!

My allergies seem to have settled, even with the changes in temperature and air quality over the past couple of days.  I may not need that local honey after all!!

This five-day intensive may become a monthly practice for me.  And I hope I get to play some golf this weekend to see if that's been affected too.  If anything, I won't be trying to break my golf clubs on trees anymore when I make a bad shot!!