I am really excited about a new follower I have on Twitter.  Spruce is a home decor store in Brentwood that also sells accessories and baby stuff! Perfect since I am always on the lookout for sources to gussy up my own abode, and lately everyone around me is either pregnant or having a baby so I'm going to have to check this place out.

Gathering what I can from their website, the store was started this year by a group of women - they have a graphic artist who has her own stationery line and other people on staff who specialize in home decor and, evidently, babies! They sell linens, purses, jewelry - it all looks really interesting. And that's just online!
Usually when you think of Brentwood you think of chain stores so it's a pleasant surprise that something local has started up there.  Yes, I know it's not all chain stores but for the most part, there's a lack of character.  It seems to be changing lately and I'm glad there's more and more unique stops for shoppers in that area now.

You can sign up for their newsletter, or even follow them on Twitter if you're on there. They're open Monday - Friday 10 - 5, and Saturdays 10 - 4.
bg_jfe6.jpg  7028 Church St. East, Suite 101 in Brentwood | (615) 370-0607
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