HerNashville Swap Meet

The ladies at HerNashville are kicking off their annual Swap Meet event at Icon in the Gulch this Thursday from 6-8p.m.  The idea is that you bring a single friend of the opposite sex to meet other single people. You don't have to be single but if you have a friend who you feel would make a wonderful other-half, this sounds like a really fun event to go to.

Proceeds benefit the Junior League of Nashville. This free event will also feature drinks from Firefly Vodka (which some of my friends with more discernable tastes tell me is just delicious) and Urban Flats, the flatbread restaurant in the Gulch. You have to sign up to reserve your space.

I've been happily married to The Husband for three years and we consider ourselves really really fortunate.  Nashville is such a difficult town to meet people in yet I know lots of wonderful single people who deserve to find their perfect mate.  However there's only so much one can do, and I think this Swap Meet idea is great. You bring the friend, it's up to them to make the next move. Plus, I can only imagine HerNashville subscribers to be decent folk with decent friends.

Sign up for the SwapMeet here. While you're at the site, browse around HerNashville if you haven't been there before. It's a fun site with great insight from some intelligent women who live right here in Nashville.