Some treats for you all to check out

Honey Sweet Baking Co. - If you live in Mid TN and are wondering, hmm, I need something sweet for a party/shower/get-together and I've gotten bored with the usual options here in town where should I go?? Here's what you should do. Pay the girls at Honey Sweet Baking Co. a visit. I can personally vouch that their cupcakes are divine. None of that piled on neon colored sugar some people call frosting. The icing they use on their cupcakes is light and delicious. And I usually don't eat cupcakes!Honey Sweet takes orders, their flavors are all online and taste as good as they sound.  I tried the Buttuh cupcake (oooohmygod heaven), the All American was fabulous too if you love chocolate... Steeplechasers - these babies will be a hit at your tailgate/picnic!! You can also join their group on Facebook.

The Outnet - Are you starting to receive Save The Dates and invitations to weddings, showers and events galore?  Well if you're like me and you have nothing to wear to any upcoming showers or parties, my friend Magdelene just turned me on to a discount designer wear site. If you haven't already heard of it, brace yourself I mean, my head about exploded when I realized what it was. The Outnet dot com.  Granted some of the prices are pretty steep even after the discount but it makes a lot of things a whole lot more accessible. I especially love this dress:

By the way, I made it through Day 5. I DID IT!!! Boy was I sore, but in that gooooood "wow I just did something amazing with my body and pushed my limits and worked hard" kind of sore. And then I celebrated (and negated it all) by getting a gyro platter that evening. Go me.