Custom Kicks

Lucky lucky NY Blogger Wendy Lam (aka Nitrolicious) had a pair of custom Nike kicks made for her.  The artist is none other than long-time, hometown friend Mark Ong/Sbtg.  He's been custom painting sneakers since we met back in the day (ok... more like 1999) and he's only gotten better and better.


Celebs who've adorned his hand-painted, uniquely crafted masterpieces include Q-tip and the boys from Linkin Park. And also, The Husband who received a pair as a gift from Mark for our wedding. THANKS MARK. And THANKS JEAN!!!

Watch the video of nitrolicious in her sweet sweet new kicks here. 

You can order your own sneakers from his website, keep updated on new stuff on his blog, and pretty soon you'll be sauntering around town in your own pair! They're hard to resist.