Lazy Sunday

Well... I did wake up in the late morning.

Hey, what's the big deal with Provence bakery? They're absolute s*** when it comes to brunch/breakfast. If I wanted my food microwaved I'd go to Starbucks. At least I know it's tasty.

All plans to go to Bikram yoga today are shot, 50% through my own choices and 50% through fate. Turns out my housekeeper turned the alarms off on my clock and they didn't go off this morning so I missed the class. There's another one in 45 minutes but, eh, I think I'll spend some quality time getting comfy on my furniture today.  The workout commences tomorrow.

When we're younger, in our angsty, teenage years we fool ourselves into thinking that what inspires us are the bands we listen to and to some extent, we're right.  But when we mature, when we're into our late 20's and (for some of us) our 30's, we are more apt to tell the world that our parents, our family and our friends (more so than anything) are who influence us to try new things, to be who we are and to emulate.

One of my friends from my late teens was an influence then, and is still an influence now especially when it comes to life choices, fashion and music.  She has always had such great taste in bands and music, she's always been on the forefront of what's hot and when I was lucky enough to see her the last time I was home, she was still the same great source for new music.

So today, my soundtrack as I sit here piddling away on the computer half doing work and half playing is Noah and the Whale. It's also my ode to my friend the Marrionette. Go check out her blog for insight, and wonderful perspective.

Have a great week everyone!