I'm so spoiled

I got my Leica D-Lux 4 today.


I've already used it and taken pictures and fiddled with the focus modes... I love it. It's small, it's a substantial camera, and it's so sleek!!! EE!
Oh and I do feel the need to add that B&H has some very very dilligent customer service people, one in particular. A Henry Posner emailed me personally yesterday after he 1) saw my Tweet and 2) read my last post. He explained why it was so complicating with my order - because I chose to use two credit cards, one of which is an international card. Anyway, he was nice enough to wish me a happy birthday and the intention is appreciated.

I'm excited. I have two occasions to use the camera at this weekend - a formal dinner for one of my good friends'  30th birthday, and a baby shower on Sunday.  I guess I should go RTFM now so I can make full use of its capabilities.