Life's a Beach

And then it rains.


Hello from wet, cloudy Destin, Florida! Rain be damned, it's still great to be near water and on vacation. I'm on a girls' weekend with some old friends and it's been extremely cathartic bonding and catching up and talking.  I managed to stay awake on the 5-ish hour ride here (which, if you ask The Husband, is quite the feat for me) and be a participating passenger.

I'm with three friends, M and G two of whom I have known since 2000 and the third, L, I met that year but didn't have the joy of knowing too well till recently.  I may not share the level of friendship the three of them have had since their high school days but I am lucky to be a part of it all right now.  This female bonding is something I've craved for a while now and I love that I get to have a whole weekend with them!

Today was also L's birthday, the second of the four of us to turn 31.  To celebrate, we went to a local restaurant here, Cuvee Beach Bistro and Wine Cellar.  Taking advantage of where we are geographically, I ordered a seafood pasta dish, L had the shrimp & lobster bisque, and M & G ordered shrimp and stone ground grits.  For dessert, we shared a decadent chocholate cake and some chocolate mousse. Let us not leave out the Godiva chocolate liqeur dessert drink that L ordered - it looked wonderfully sinful.

M's parents are letting us stay in their gorgeous home for the weekend. Not since Singapore and my parents' home have I been in an abode that's more inviting and beautiful - I could get used to this. Each room is straight out of the pages of, oh I don't know... Domino or MS Living or Architectural Digest. And no wonder, M's mother is an interior decorator who clearly hasn't lost her touch.

We're hoping the weather lets up even for a couple of hours so we can traipse around in our bathing suits and get some color on our pastey butts.  So keep your fingers crossed for us!!

WIth that... it's time I tuck myself into the giant bed that awaits. I miss The Husband... but I will admit, this is quite the life.