The Sun Came Out!!

We spent the morning waiting patiently (albeit a little crankily) for some brunch at Another Broken Egg yesterday morning.

img_0708.JPG  img_0710.JPG
It. Was. Worth it! And look at how cute their sconces are - it's got a little broken egg at the bottom! The restaurant is cute, the food is served in skillets, it was a quaint delicious experience. And, really, the hour-long wait really wasn't that long, it just felt long because it was still pouring down rain. As we were getting served our eggs benedict specialties, we started noticing the ground drying up and there was light fighting its way through the clouds.  By the time we were done eating, there it was - sunshine.

Hauled ass back home, put on our bathing suits and hit the beach. Oooooohhhhhh heavenly sand and warmth and sun!! How I've yearned for you!


I spent most of the hour we had on the beach chatting with G and wiggling and burying my toes in the beautiful, white Destin sand. Headed back to the pool to rinse off and back home to rest for a bit. It didn't rain at all for the rest of the night which gave us a chance to head over to a little village that's part of the Sandestin resort for dinner.  We picked the New Orleans Creole Cookery. The girls ordered po' boys, I ordered the crawfish etoufee, and we all had heartburn and stomach pains for dessert. My leftovers are in the fridge, but I don't know if I can handle it today. This vacation has been gastronomical, to say the least (what else were we going to do, play board games?) and in spite of the gutteral pains, we've been so happy with the food.

Last night, the storm kicked into gear around 4a.m. and the thunder shook the walls.  It was still raining when I got up this morning so out of sheer defiance, I put my bikini on.  L and M have gone out to get groceries so we can cook and eat in tonight.  L's a great cook, and I can't wait to devour her barbecued shrimp.

Looks like the sun's showing some signs of life right now so I think that's my cue to jump off the laptop.  Happy Memorial day everyone!