Everything Has Its Place

I grew up this weekend.  Ok fine, I made a conscious decision to grow up when I visited M in Atlanta.  Her house is neat, decorated, well organized - everything has its place. Just like her parents' beach house in Sandestin, every room looks like it just leapt off a page in a home decor magazine.  Her home was welcoming and grown up and I like it.

After a mind-numbing day of moving offices, I came home and stared at my messy home, took a deep breath, and just did stuff.  First I moved things around. Then I grabbed a broom and swept.  Then I started focusing on the kitchen where  I rolled up a grody old rug that we've wanted to get rid of for a while now and put the new rug I bought from Urban Outfitters in its place. After mopping and cleaning the area of course.

I tackled the pile of laundry that's taken over our dining table and made a small dent.  I dusted, I vacuumed, I windexed, I feel a little better.

Before I go spend money on new decor, on furniture and accessories, I need to go find that place for that thing.  Purge, reorganize, put things away and really create that blank canvas I need. And naturally, I have all these lofty ideas:

- Paint the kitchen to add more color to the space. We get so much light in here and spend a lot of time in here now that the tv's fixed... I hate that it's so drab. You'd think we're renters.

- New light fixtures in living room and dining room.  We have super tall ceilings and we finally found an honest handyman who knows what he's doing when it comes to electrical projects and wiring. My goal is to go to Ikea and pick up some fun hanging lights for him to put up.

- Do something with the long hallway wall. I got the idea here. Looks easy and fun and not expensive at all.

- Frame posters. Many moons ago, I bought this and we also have two more huge prints from Hatch Show Print that are oddly sized and need to be custom framed.  Let's not forget the wonderful art my mother's artists gave us when we got married. Some of those need to be framed and displayed too.

Realistically, I need to just go buy some plastic tubs and categorize my clothes for the seasons.  I'll start there, then I'll move on to the fun stuff when the necessary steps have been taken.  It'll be an ongoing project, but maybe (just maybe) it's what I need so I am mentally in the right place as well.