Jimmy Charles at the Station Inn

No, it's not a performer you've never heard of it's a new lunch spot that serves BBQ that sounds mighty delicious!!

Here's the email I got today:
Hello friends and fellow lunch enthusiasts! 

There's a new lunch spot opening Tuesday, May 5th at The World Famous Station Inn in the gulch.  It's called Jimmy Carl's and the name has a good story.  Ask us about it when it's real busy.  It's run by a couple of great fellas named Rusty and Pat.  Rusty used to live in LA.  He won on a game show and moved to Nashville to start a BBQ joint with me, Pat.  Come on down and check us out Mondays through Fridays from 11am until 11:15am.  HA! Until 3pm.  We will be offering pulled pork, shhhicken thighs, ribs, baked beans once described as 'the shit' by a guy with a tattoo on his eyelid, a Chicago style hot beef sandwich (we're versatile), hot slaw for you people who like a little kick, a macaroni salad that i can eat my weight in, and a sweet bbq sauce once described as 'off the chain' by a guy later seen spray painting a dumpster.  We will also be seasonally visiting the farmer's market to get the best tomatoes, corn, peaches and whatever else looks good.  Our menu will change, our flavors may wander, there may be a little stand-up comedy, the music will be multi-genred and high quality (not in person), and it all takes place in the Mother Church of Bluegrass.  Pinch me.  

If you have made it this far I thank you.  Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who likes great BBQ and a good time.  Rusty and I hope to see you all soon. Thanks

Sounds good to me!!