TOW I'm just all over the place

- Last Wednesday, I went to the Her Nashville 1st Anniversary party at the construction-in-progress Terrazzo high rise in The Gulch.  In spite of the terrible acoustics, it was a fun soiree to be at.  There were so many (SO many) cute girls in cute dresses, the food was really good alongside the cute, pink beverages (the theme was "pink" and the caterer even provided pink desserts) and it looked like everyone had a great time. I would like to extend huge congratulations the ladies at Her Nashville for a successful party and successful first year.

I bumped into the lovely Ashley of Ashley's Bridal Guide and she introduced me to Hillary Robson who runs Brocade Design Arts, a floral, paper and event design company.  Later on in the evening, a girl whose outfit I was admiring came over to introduce herself.  Turns out, she's a fashion designer who is having a trunk show at Clothing Exchange in Hillsboro Village on July 11th.  Check out Amy B on her MySpace page.
- The Husband and I rid ourselves of a lot of stuff this weekend.  Old mattresses went to the dump, and some old electronics, an elliptical machine and end tables went to Goodwill.  It was probably the hottest day ever on Saturday, the day we chose to lug heavy crap in and out of a rental van.  We also got a sofa bed from Ikea by way of Modernash.  Nick and Nate over there are really nice, and it won't be the last time we're getting stuff from Ikea through them.

My goal is to get my kitchen dining area into a fully functional space. I've moved my iMac in here so we can look up recipes as we cook, or watch DVD's. Plus it's such a pleasant, airy space so it will be my workstation.  Two of the walls are finally painted and we have plans for the other two walls and once everything's done, this room is going to be awesome.  And it's just the beginning.  We'll be moving on to the other rooms in the house and I have a feeling, now that I've done it somewhat successfully in one room, that it'll be a quicker task in the others.

And once I have it looking how I want it to, I'll have before and after pictures on here for you to see.  It already feels like a brand new room with the new color.  I love being in here!

- This week's looking to be pretty hectic and busy but it's all good stuff. Work's going really well right now, I'm just actively trying to be more goal oriented and organized.  Hope you all have a great week ahead! And if you have any paint color suggestions, share them! I love hearing how people decorate their rooms and why they picked what they did.