Please tell your friends to come by tomorrow. Yard Sale on Paris Avenue between 12th Avenue South and 10th Avenue South.

I, personally, am selling:

  • Nicole Miller cocktail dress

  • Traditional Chinese cheongsam that's great for cocktail parties

  • Heels - J-crew, Banana Republic, Nine West, BCBGirls. All worn only a few times. Size 5 1/2 or 6

  • Clothes that I just can't fit into anymore from known brands and designers and some items from high-end boutiques.

  • Stainless steel flatware, a set of 4 hand blown glasses, small set of dishes and bowls

My friends are also selling clothes and shoes. There will be more household items sold, accessories, probably books and some really nice furniture.  I know one of them has a ton of dresses.  None of us are extremely willing to part with any of these because they're all in such great shape but I'm trying to make room for personal reasons, and my friends just moved into a new place and are trying to reorganize and another is trying to renovate and sell their home. Anything that's less-than-ideal in shape/quality we're already donating to Goodwill and we're not even going to try to sell it to you.

Come on through, we'll be there first thing in the morning.