Blogging America's Best Dance Crew Season 4

Disclaimer: I am not a professional dancer, I do it recreationally. But I luuuuurve me some ABDC. These are just my opinions, I'm not claiming any sort of authority on the subject. SO! Here we go:

This season of ABDC isn't as good as the last three were. In my honest, most humble opinion, it's because the crews don't have as much chemistry as the last few seasons' crews. Don't get me wrong, they DO have chemistry and they're all really good dancers! But if you think about it, the Jabbawockeez, the Beat Freaks, Supercrew, even Quest Crew - they've all danced together for years, WAY before ABDC even was a sneeze of a thought in Randy Jackson's brain.  They didn't just get together because they wanted to compete on a show on MTV.  They weren't manufactured, and they certainly weren't gathered just for the sake of creating a competing crew.

Southern Movement. Where do I begin? It's SO awesome that they're on there, that out of all the parts of TN and the south that they're from they picked Nashville to be their city. I am so proud of the fact that there is a crew from Nashville being represented. I'm quite sure they weren't always a crew so I hope they manage to show up each week, and keep whatever chemistry they already have going till the end.  I think it's sad that they had to take on this "hick hop" theme. They are phenomenal dancers, as a crew, and individually (I've met a couple of them) so this gimmick with the western hats and plaid shirts? I don't know for sure but I am confident it wasn't something they thought up themselves. I sure hope not anyway. And hey, if it was their choice, then they're doing a damn fine job with it.

I guess it's because I have yet to go "HOLY S*** THAT WAS AWESOME!" like I did when I first saw Super Crew, or when I first saw the Boogie Bots. So maybe after tonight that opinion will be seriously quashed and changed? It IS rather early in the season!! Hah.

That said, here's my prediction for the season:

Here's who I predict will make it to the top 3:

Rhythm City
We Are Heroes
Massive Monkees

I think Southern Movement will make it at least 2 more rounds as will the other all-girl crew Artistry In Motion.

Vogue Evolution will probably make it through the Beyonce Challenge. Also because America doesn't like to be un-PC and voting for the all gay crew is the right thing to do. And they're super creative! They'll be here for another couple of rounds. Beat Your Feet Kings might be eliminated after tonight and Afroborike next week.

More predictions to come after the end of the round tonight!

UPDATE: Artistry in Motion is out. Judges choice. Talk about premature e-prediction on my part! I really thought they'd make it since the girls are rather diverse in their styles.  Shows what I know!