Before & After - Our Kitchen

before 1

We pried a cabinet off the wall. It was screwed into the wall and the wood panel to the left of the desk.  You might notice the shoddy wiring job the previous owners did and the giant hole they left.


That's the cabinet. Also, the walls were a dull, dull gray/white shade.

After 1

The blue we went with was from the Porter Paints Voice of Color "Pop Art" series called Aqua Bay. The white patterns are actually decals from Blik. They weren't expensive but they're not cheap either. Still I'm glad I went with them anyway because the material they use is slightly translucent so the color of the surface you stick on to kind of shows through and it looks like it was hand-painted! So brilliant.


That's Mona. I interrupted her rawhide chewing to get her to pose for you. So the hole has been sealed, Lack shelves from Ikea (thank you Modernash) are up and I painted over the wood panel by the desk with chalkboard paint and stored the chalk in one of The Husband's old cigar boxes.  All in all, a fun project. We're already planning what to do with the rest of the kitchen and house and I can't wait to get started on it all! I just wish it didn't cost so much money but, hey, what better way is there to spend money than to invest it in home improvement right?

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