Things I Like

In no particular order...

Sunny, 70 degree days  Sitting by the pool Beaches with fine, white sand and clear azure water Puppies, baby animals in general Cupcakes  Fuzzy socks Knitting Bikram yoga  Hip hop Letterpress stationery Photography Dessert Food Baking  Cooking My husband F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV Commercials  Snakes Sharks Roller coasters  Peonies  Fun, pop art Dancing Coffee Shopping  Fashionable people Driving my Mini Cooper  Babies  Magazines Home decor Funny people Creative people  Open minded, fair people  My little sister  Shoes  Golf  Swiffer dusters   Thanksgiving  Breakfast  Cheesecake crust  Dogs' ears  Obey Giant  Maxi dresses Hi-top Sneakers  Dahlias  Soccer Lofts Big Cities Harry Potter series Laughing French fries

Expect more things as they come to mind.

Tell me, what do YOU like?