After spending 48 hours there, I want to go back. Soon. Specifically, this upcoming weekend because of this:


Yes, it's great he did the Obama Hope poster but I would love his work just the same if he hadn't.  I won't bore you with how long I've been a fan (or how I liked to tag or do my own graffiti art way back when) or why, just believe me when I say I do.  Hands down, my absolute favorite artist.

We went to Pittsburgh for a friend's wedding.  The ceremony and reception were both at PNC Park where we got to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the St. Louis Cardinals.  I'd never been to a baseball game before and I really did enjoy it! Still can't say I'm much of a fan of baseball but I'm glad i got to experience a MLB game.


It was the perfect day for a wedding! Sunny, breezy and just warm enough to enjoy being outside without sweating.  I love weddings (you already knew that though) and this one was by far the most unique wedding I've been to - it was a wonderful ceremony where one of the groom's best friends gave a beautiful speech, the  reception was laid back with cracker jacks, popcorn, peanuts and some really good ribs topped off with some of the best cupcakes my mouth has ever met. And for once, at a wedding, I wasn't all anxious and in wedding planner mode - I got to have fun! So much fun I neglected to take a lot of photos.

The evening finished with a spectaular fireworks show.


That's the happy couple.

I do want to go back, not just for the exhibition but because it's a photography hobbyist's paradise.  The architecture in the city is something to behold - a wonderful mix of old and new buildings, the steel structures all over the city, the bridges, and the colors... while I'm glad I had an extra day to rest before returning to life, I do wish I could have stayed another 24 hours.

Plus, I made some new friends who I'd love to see again. I met a really cool girl who's a fellow craft and photography nut.  She's way more artistic than I am though so hopefully, with her on my list of to-read blogs, I'll learn a thing or two! Check her out at Let's Go! Rhetoric.

So, Pittsburgh... I will be back! Not sure when, but it's going to happen!