New beginnings

2009 was great for me and as the year passed, things got better and better.  I let myself enter new doors and let's just say I'm thrilled about one particular door I stepped through.

I'll keep you all updated on this when I'm given the "ok" to make an official announcement but let's just say it's in a realm I enjoy being a part of and I'm glad I won't have to leave behind soon.

For now, here's a gorgeous wedding blog I found this morning - Green Wedding Shoes.  Yes, I love weddings I think you already knew that but what I love even more about this blog are the images. They're all so dreamy and vintage, such an inspiration and exactly how I wish I could capture all of the photographs I take.

This one made me laugh.

And oh, oh oh this is just exquisite!

I can't wait to go through all the archived posts and see what other eye candy I come across.  Hope you enjoy it too!