Mosaic Tile + Stone

Our kitchen is in dire need of a backsplash.  Ever since the kitchen paint job of 2009, the untouched half of the kitchen has looked rather sad and neglected.  We've talked about getting just plain white subway tile to go along the wall under our cabinets and above the stove but just never got around to it.

Now that I work from home, I see that wall in the day and boy does it need attention.  So I started browsing online and found Mosaic Tile + Stone and they have some REALLY gorgeous tile.

Horn porcelain tile.  Beautimus.

If I lived in Southern California or Florida, I'd totally have this Mahgreb tile in a kitchen or even as counter top - very Moroccan. Hell if I had a pool!!

We may end up going with these strips but maybe in white. I like that it's a different take on subway tile and it may be just what we need.

You'd think that specialty tile is expensive but Mosaic's prices are rather unbelievable! And this isn't run-of-the-mill tile either it's quality stuff and if those are the prices they're giving, then you can bet your behind I'm taking!  They offer free shipping for orders above $99, and it looks like there's a sale on different styles of tile every now and then.

And, they're on Twitter which is great.

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