Freaking My Dreams

This year, I got to meet and spend time with some people who, in some way helped shape the decisions I've made.

Thanks to a friend to whom I will be forever grateful, I got to dance with and learn from three of The Beat Freaks.

These women were an inspiration to swallow any insecurities of being "too old" to take dance classes. To hone the moves I've copied from watching hip hop videos and to just go for it. Meeting them all was a dream come true and I check this off my bucket list with pride and immense joy. Thank you especially to Lindsey B, Keeley, Alison Faulk and Rino Nakasone Razalan - you girls are awesome.

Thanks to my shamless Twitter usage and love for food and local chefs, I got to spend time and shared delightful conversation with Chefs Arnold Myint and Kenny Gilbert.

If you haven't dined at any of Arnold's restaurants, please put P.M. Nashville, Cha Chah and Suzy Wong's House of Yum on your list NOW. You must.  If you live around or in Jacksonville, FL, go show Kenny some love at his new restaurant Nippers Beach Grille.  When you're at Cha Chah, be sure to order the lamb meatballs. If the curried carrot bisque is still on the menu, get that too. You can thank me later.

We don't always get to meet the people we admire in person so if  you ever have the opportunity to, even if you feel like it may not be for more than two minutes or if you have to stand in line to say hi, I encourage you to do so. It's a wonderful feeling and they, if they're good people, will also feel good about meeting you.

So! How have you freaked your dreams this year?