Georgia On My Mind

I'm so behind! Shame on me.  Earlier this November I went to visit a friend in Georgia. For once, I wasn't there for shopping (although that was always in the back of our minds) but to see a beautiful baby and to hang out.  We went to an area less than 10 minutes from where she lives called the Westside Urban Market.  We tried, at first to dine at Star Provisions but it looked as though everyone else had the same idea we did. Plan B was to head downstairs to JCT Kitchen.

Hail. Yeah.

We shared truffle fries (covered in a mound of delicious delicious parmigiano reggiano) and feasted on some pretty immodest proportions of the most delectable food. And this was BRUNCH. I ordered the fried chicken which came with a side of their mac n cheese.  My friend ordered the shrimp & grits, topped with a fried egg.  We all ate our food so quickly I didn't have time to even THINK of taking a picture. You're just going to have to go there yourself.

Service was good, and while I do wish we got to eat at Star, JCT Kitchen was so good I may opt to go there again even if Star was empty.

Well... we'll see.

After our meal we wandered around the shops and went into B. Braithwaite which really neesds a sign on its door that says "WARNING: Uterus Will Explode. Enter With Caution." If they did have a sign like that, it'd still be really pretty.

This shop makes me want to have a baby. Or a small child. Not so much teenagers but wee ones to swaddle in the softest blankies and dress up in the sweetest outfits. That small boom you just heard? That's my uterus just by me THINKING about B. Braithwaite.

The whole Westside Urban Market area has a ton of shops and restaurants.  We didn't have time to make it into all of them so I can honestly say that won't be the last time I take a trip over there.

You can see the rest of my pictures from that day here.
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