I Just Can't Hide It

While you read this, I'll be en route on a long long flight to Singapore.  It's been


Hainanese chicken rice. At some hawker center. Why? Because it's the best dish ever. It's what I'd order for my last meal.

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Straits Kitchen

Ever since that episode of No Reservations I've been dying to go to Straits Kitchen for a meal (or several). It's a buffet style restaurant for $42 but if Bourdain says it's good, then $42 it is.


Universal Studios Singapore

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Uhthasright - you're not seeing things, there IS a Universal Studios in Singapore. And it has roller coasters. ROLLER COASTERS.

Have I mentioned I like roller coasters?

While we're on Sentosa island, The Husband is going to look at some of the casinos. I have to pay to get in but since he's not a Singapore citizen, he doesn't have to pay to get in to spend his money. It's the little things.

Ku De Ta:

My friend just started as the resident DJ at Ku De Ta and if we have the opportunity to steal away from family activities for an evening, we might go chill out here and enjoy the view and music. Old school hip hop is what he promised and if he's an awesome a DJ as he's been in our 13 years of friendship, he'll deliver.

The Husband hasn't been on the Singapore Flyer so we're definitely doing that. WONDERFUL views of the city (I hope I get better pictures this time) and it's quite the phenomenon to see.

We're going to do a lot more that's for sure but I can barely contain my excitement. It's been almost two years since the last time I visited, and more than five since I spent Christmas there (tsk tsk I know) so I'm going to make the most of it and hopefully update you all as much as I can so you can share my joy.