When you have faith in someone, and you give them the chance to prove you right, things can turn out well. The power of faith - it's a pretty amazing thing.

Last fall, I was given the chance to be the 2nd shooter with Jonathon Campbell Photography for a wedding in Gallatin, TN.  Nashville is chock full of talented photographers, and if I were to get married right now, I'd have a hard time picking but I know I wouldn't go wrong if I hired JCP.  They're good at what they do, they're genuinely wonderful souls and the times I've seen them with brides they manage to put everyone at ease to produce the best pictures.  Jonathon's style is very rich, making the most of saturation without going too far.  His pictures, as he likes to say from time to time, are "delicious" and I agree wholeheartedly.

I'd never been so nervous and so excited all at once like I was that day, and through the adrenalin rushes I managed to take some shots that Jonathon said he loved. Thank. Jeebus.

Once they're available to show, I'll have it available. For now, here's the sneak peek JCP has on their blog on Keri Beth and Jud's wedding. Enjoy.