Priscilla of Boston Trunk Show

Last Friday I started my weekend (and brushed the week's dirt off) at the Bride Room here in Green Hills.  I was there as Louise's date and also visiting as a past Bride Room customer and fan.  I do love the girls there, they never forget a name or a face and that says a LOT, considering they see lots of those everyday and it's been almost 4 years since I got hitched!

Friday was day 1 of the Priscilla of Boston Platinum Collection trunk show.  This wasn't an ordinary trunk show - the designer of the Platinum Collection himself, Mr. Kenneth Pool was here too!  I was quite in awe of his presence, and I tried my best not to girm so after politely shaking hands and exchanging a delightful conversation with him, I let him have his space and moved on to get some pictures of the beautiful people and the beautiful gowns.

Stephanie from The Bride Room with some delicious cupcakes from local bakery, B.Jackson's.

Pretty pretty pretty pretty!!!

Stephanie, Charlotte Poling (boutique owner) and their models who donned these gowns so well.


Here I am with my gorgeous date and Kenneth Pool.  Thank you to local photographer Erica (hope I spelled your name right) for snapping this pic for us.

This was my favorite gown by far.

For more pictures and a wonderfully detailed recap of the evening, visit my date's blog The Thirty-Something Bride.  Like her, I was giddy to be in the same room as Kenneth Pool - it's rare to interact with someone so talented and so genuinely nice.  I think the only other time I had this opportunity was when I met Romona Keveza at another trunk show.  Mr. Poole has an enviable resume, working with phenomenal talent (Vera Wang, Amsale just to name a couple) and when he listed Yves Saint Laurent as one of his favorite designers I was SOLD.

He entertained a fun Q&A session where I threw in one of my own queries.  He answered VERY diplomatically (hats off) but I really wish I had pulled him aside and asked him for an honest, off-the-record answer to my curiosity.  Oh well!  And by my description of the evening, I'm certainly not doing the man justice. Luckily, Louise did just that in her recap so definitely check her out after you're done looking at the rest of my pictures from the evening.

View the full Platinum Collection from Priscilla of Boston at their website.

*le sigh*

I love weddings.