Those of you who follow me on Twitter have seen me tweet about how cupcakes are slowly (finally?) taking a backseat to other tasty delights.  One sweet treat I foresee becoming more popular for special occasions is the macaron or French macaroon.

These macarons are from Paulette Maracons in California.  Her flavors range from Colombian Coffee to passion fruit, with each flavor a distinct color or look.  SO pretty!

Some time this weekend, I'm going to attempt this recipe I found from David Lebovitz.  It seems to be the simplest one I can find, that isn't all doom and gloom with warnings like a lot of others I've seen.  I've already attempted this once when I was trapped at home during a tornado watch and because it was quite humid that day and also my first attempt at a pastry that's not easy to make, they were flops. Major. Flops.

I love to bake.  I've had a ton of fun baking cupcakes and 2009 was the year of homemade cupcakes and frosting recipes for me.  This year, I think it's time to branch out, not just with my baking projects but also my dessert eating habits.  The only place in town you can get macarons are from Provence bakery and I'm not even sure how often they offer them.  Those of you who live in New Orleans or who are going to visit soon, make sure you go to Sucre, another amazing pastry place. I'm tempted to order a box from them!!

I'm looking forward to macarons catching on here in Nashville.  They'd be perfect for wedding or party favors, or just to have on display - they're gorgeous little things!
Picture source Curious Mess blog