No beer and no tv make Tabitha something something

Well, no TV anyway.  I love watching TV, it's one of the primary reasons I pursued an education at Emerson College, and why I'm so comfortable living in America.  Honestly, I really really wanted to work on my all-time favorite show Friends (Kevin Bright if you are reading this I really regret not sending you my resume after you told me to and if you're still hiring for another brilliant sitcom count me in for that library job) but I am not complaining, I love my life here in Nashville.

Beginning last year, I started watching more network shows (we got rid of our HBO) and Thursday nights on NBC have always been good what with The Office, 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation.  But my favorite show on NBC is, hands down, Community.  It's about a group of students at Greendale Community College who get together to study Spanish who end up becoming really good friends and hilarity ensues.  I started watching because I heart Joel McHale (so meaty) and now I really really heart the rest of the cast.

Yes, that is  Chevy Chase.  His character Pierce is a washed up, moist towelette inventor who is recapturing his youth.  His not subtly has the hots for Yvette Nicole Brown's character Shirley (front of pic, to the left) who's a divorcee and the badass mother-hen character.  I've started saying "Oh that's nice!" thanks to Shirley.

Then there's Abed (Danny Pudi, behind Yvette) who I just adore.  Don Glover (my favorite in the back) is Troy, the lovable jock.  Let me take a moment to talk about Don Glover.  First of all, I had no idea he was a writer on 30 Rock.  He has impeccable comic timing, and has the best one-liners in the show (next to Abed) and it pleases me to no end that every episode closes with Abed and Troy doing something together.  I'm eager to watch Don Glover's special on Comedy Central next Friday.

Gillian Jacobs'  Britta is (was? still could be?) Joel McHale's Jeff Winger's love interest.  We like her. We also like her squirrel costume that she wore in the Halloween episode.  I would like to wear that this year, complete with the nut. Acorn?

Alison Brie's Annie was annoying at first but ever since the debate episode, I've grown to really like her too.  In case you're wondering where you might know her from, Alison Brie also acts as the wife of Mad Men d-bag Pete Campbell.

Let us not forget, Ken Jeong.  He of Knocked Up and The Hangover fame who plays Senor Chang, Greendale's Spanish "professor." He is the asshole you can't help but love.  Also have you seen this?

Community is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Even The Husband likes it.  It's got its aw shucks moments and bits that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's clever, it's refreshing as far as network tv shows go, and it's worth watching. Or at least DVR or TiVo it. You won't be sorry.