And I'll eat it too.

I love looking at Epicurious and their recipes. Their main page today featured 30 Top-Rated Cake Recipes at Epicurious and I couldn't help but forego the search for dinner and click on the link. Droolworthy.  And apropos since my day of cakes started with Must Find Toes and later in the day, The Thirty-Something Bride's post on the cake feature in Oprah's magazine.

It's a cake kind of day, with several I'd love to try my hand at making.  Check these beauties out:

12 Layer mocha cake from Epicurious

Gateau de bayou via Louise and O magazine

And no, I won't be trying to bake that. Maybe the meringue part for practice but uh... looks hard.

Homemade vegan yumminumminess from Must Find Toes

Usually I need a party to go to as an excuse to bake something because a) I'd eat it all myself if that weren't the case and b) The Husband isn't that into sweets.  But if the weather's nice and I have some time on my hands this weekend, I may just come up with something.  Maybe a Japanese cheese cake in all its fluffy, cheesecakey glory. If you've never had any, I suggest you try some when presented with the opportunity - it's gooooooooood.

Hmm, probably not a good idea to be day dreaming about cakes right before I head to yoga.