On the Food Train

Nashville Lifestyles gave us their top restaurant pics of 2010 today and just looking at the list makes me drool.

  • 1808 Grille - The Husband and I had our anniversary dinner at this Hutton Hotel restaurant last year and we loved it.  Great ambiance (albeit a tad dim) with a more sophisticated crowd and if you're dining at the restaurant valet parking is complimentary.  If we can swing it, we might go back this year and maybe even spend the night at the Hutton.

  • Allium - LOVE Allium.  We've dined there for dinner and for brunch (you must order their popovers, ohmuhgod) a couple of times and it's slowly becoming our go-to for date night.  It's supposed to be "French fusion" and while I'd like to think I have a sophisticated palate I'm not that familiar with French cuisine and the only apparent "fusion" to me is the fact that it's food with a French influence in American portions. So either go hungry, or be prepared to split the portions if you want to maintain your waistline. Or take the rest of it home.

  • Basil - Have yet to go.  Any of you eaten there? What'd you think?

  • Capitol Grille - I know this is a Nashville institution of sorts but I haven't eaten there for any meal other than breakfast (which we did by default the morning after our wedding since we stayed there). It was only ok. And pricey.

  • City House - One of the restaurants on our "Must Go Soon" list.

  • Eastland Cafe - sister restaurant to Park Cafe, the mac n cheese isn't as good as the original. However, their mussels appetizer is delicious and I much prefer its layout to Park Cafe's.

  • Flyte - I've only had their appetizers and happy hour fare but I do like it. Another one on that list for a full-on meal.

  • Miel - We had dinner here for my birthday, it was ah-may-ziiing.  I had the seafood bouillabaisse and The Husband had their steak.  Fabulous presentation, the restaurant's layout allows you to see the chefs at work which is such a fun concept and if you order coffee with dessert, it comes in a French press.  So you drink it at your leisure, and you don't have a server constantly coming up to you asking if you want more coffee or hovering waiting for the check to be settled.  SOLD.

  • Miro District - On the list

  • Porta Via Italian Kitchen - I'm clearly not on the up-and-up on Italian restaurants here, is this any good? Anyone know?

  • Smiling Elephant - YUM. My only complaint is that I asked for native hot and I got mild. I hate it HATE it when you go to an Asian restaurant and you ask for spicier than normal options and they don't seem to believe you.  I will try again soon.

  • Sunset Grill - Nashville staple.  For some reason everytime I order their stir-fry I get the runs.  My mistake here is that I order stir-fry and not one of their better dishes like their voodoo pasta or whatever special they have.  Better yet just go for their dessert and late night menu.

  • Suzy Wong's House of Yum - If this is as good as all the other places Arnold Myint owns/runs  (PM, Cha Chah) then you can expect it to be good.

  • Tayst - Y'know... the two times I've been it wasn't bad at all. But it's been a while, and now they boast natural ingredients and are green and what not so I need to go back.

  • Whiskey Kitchen - The Husband's eaten there, I've only stood there wondering why we couldn't get a table when there were several just sitting empty.  The Husband does recommend their sliders and I'm hoping to get to eat there sometime soon. Maybe if I didn't go on a Friday night...

That's the Kay West list I believe, and the rest of the article has readers' picks (best brunch, seafood, late night, Indian to name a few) and Nashville Lifestyle staff picks that include Patterson House and PM among their choices.

These are all wonderful restaurants, there are some that I would have added but it also appears that this list is comprised of the newer places in town.  I have my favorites that I find myself returning to a lot, and there are so many to choose from.  I love food, and I love to eat so I'm thrilled that Nashville has such an array of fine dining.  Now let's work on getting an Ikea here or something.