10 Fun Things for Out of Town Guests

This was my post on Ashley's Bride Guide yesterday! Enjoy!

We love answering bride e-mails! Here's one we got recently:

"Hi Ashley! I am getting married in Nashville on May 29th, 2010. Everyone will be from out-of-town and I have been surfing the web to find fun things for them to do in Nashville. There is so much to do in Nashville, that I don't know what to pick for them to do. Could you suggest ten fun things for out-of-town guests to do in Nashville? Thanks so much!"

We couldn't think of a better (or more fun) list to make and reached out to our loyal Twitter and Facebook friends who helped us create the following 10 activities to suggest for wedding guests looking for things to do in Nashville.

#1: Loveless Cafe & Motel

loveless cafe wedding

Probably THE Nashville institution, the Loveless Cafe is famous for its down-home, Southern, Nashville charm.  They are known best for their delicious biscuits and fantastic food that will leave you satisfied and happy after your meal.  Though still called a motel, it no longer serves as a place to unpack and stay in but instead now features retail shops selling art and great knick knacks to take home.  Loveless Cafe's preserves are wonderful items you can include in your out-of-town gift bags too!

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