Something's Got To Give

Everyone's had days like these - suddenly everything you've decided to take on just smacks you in the face and knocks the wind out of you and you're left wondering where the time went and why your skin's breaking out and why you can't fit into your clothes anymore.
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All this stress hit me about 3 weeks ago.  On Tuesday I got a voicemail from one of my sweet friends, The Thirty-Something Bride and she has been going through some rough waters lately but I think things are starting to calm down gradually (she's a fighter that one).  In her message, after describing all that's happened, she said "So somethin's just got to give!"

Boy. Howdy.

Life's still heading in the direction I want it to but I've had to sacrifice some things to avoid bumps.  I haven't been to dance class in ages and I miss my hip hop buddies.  I haven't been to yoga as regularly and I miss the familiar adrenalin of healthy blood pumping and sweat beading down my back.  As a result, I've also missed sleeping soundly so productivity in the day is at a vicious low.

This stress is something I can overcome, I just know it.  This series of events? It's a wretched cycle and I need to break it. Something has got to give.  I started asking myself what that could be, I mean I sure as hell don't want to give up Bikram yoga. I don't want to stop dancing yet. I love what I do for work in the evenings.  So what's left to whittle away? What is the one thing in my life I could really use less of?  And then it hit me - I could cut out the fat that I don't like.  The hydrogenated bits of my life, if you will.

Not entirely though because there are some perks but let's just say the action was taken and starting soon (but not soon enough) I will get my sanity back.  Just taking that step has done wonders for my mood. My skin is starting to clear a little and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my waistline goes down back to normal before long.

I guess my point with this post is that we have become such a multitasking society where we take on more than we can handle and we don't realize till it's almost too late.  It's so important that we find time for ourselves too and to maintain balance because without it everything, not just our mental states, will be off kilter and that will ripple out on to everything you do.  We need to stop, breathe and catch ourselves before that happens.

At this point, I think I've caught myself. Honestly things aren't horrible and they could be much worse but you know what? They could also be much better and that's what I'm striving for.  Something's going to give. And it's going to get better.