If It's In My Backyard

I used to have a teacher in school who used to say that unless something happened in our own backyard, we're less likely to pay attention. It was a communications class and we were talking about news.

Well something has happened in my backyard.  Something dreadful, something I never ever imagined would happen in the town I've come to call my American home.  After a weekend of torrential rain and heavy flooding, thousands of people in Tennessee are without homes, with a rising death toll currently at 27.  This is happening in my town, and I am disappointed and furious that attention has been focused on an incident that "could have been" vs. getting the news out and sending help and aid to one that has occured.  It took two whole days for national news agencies to even give us a decent headline.

Better late than never I suppose.

Please help - You can text "REDCROSS" (no quotation marks) to 90999 to donate $10 to help those who have lost their homes.  This isn't just about people whose homes are flooded, people have literally lost their homes - their houses were swept away by floods. Some caught on fire and exploded. People have lost loved ones.

The flood is supposed to subside by tomorrow night but the destruction caused will take a long time from which to recover.  My heart goes out to the people in Bellevue and the areas that were hit the worst.  Send prayers and hope to those who need it most in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. To see the latest information and find out how you can help the updates are pouring in on Twitter with the hashtag #nashvilleflood or follow the lovely ladies who run @nashvillest.