Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

Oh I wish I wish I wish I could just pull out some cash and buy some fine furniture from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams.  Yes I did just come right out and say that I mean why pretend I could cough up a few thousand dollars for a couch and not worry about it? I can't

However, I can wish, and I can make a list.

We aren't looking for a new couch, per se, but we've had ours for about 4 going on 5 years now and it's gotten a little grody.  It's still in great shape though given we have two little pups who like to climb all over it and the fabric's held up great.  It's an awesome couch we got from Mad Mod when it was still in existence and it didn't cost us much at all.

Everytime I walk by or venture into the MG&BW store, I just don't want to leave.  They have it decorated so well, each room setup is inviting and cozy and I want everything in there including their French Bulldog.

My heart though, really palpitates for these beautiful pieces:

First of all, I love the blue. I am a sucker for that shade of blue - it's calming, it's soft and almost cloud-like.  I love the shape of the back and the arm rests.

Yes yes, another blue couch. Can you tell that's my favorite color? ANYWAY.  This Chester couch (obviously a Chesterfield inspired sofa) looks much less bulky (for lack of a better word) than the original with legs vs a full base.  So fun.

The Keaton.  This one comes in a sectional option as well.  What I love about this one is how it looks like it'd be really comfortable to fall asleep on and, ladies, I know you're with me on this - sleeping on the couch is sometimes a lot more appealing than the bed.

Or maybe it's just me.

Some day, we'll be able to afford these.  MG & BW really have great quality furniture, it all feels like it's built really solidly and, life lesson, when it comes to furniture - you get what you pay for. Although I must say we lucked out with our current couch that won't be seeing a dumpster anytime soon.

Not yet anyway.
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