Whole Foods Green Hills, Nashville, TN

This post may not come as a surprise to people who go to Whole Foods regularly. Although, that's where I shop for most of my groceries so you'd think I wouldn't be surprised either but my experience today totally made my Monday.

I'd been craving lofthouse cookies from regular supermarkets but I've always wanted them without that layer of neon colored sugar on them. Hoping to find something similar at "my" Whole Foods market in Green Hills, I walked around the pastries and cookies section and saw these things called chocolate Hamantashen. They look like puffy thumbprint cookies and I asked the woman giving out samples what they are. She started to explain it then said, "you know what? How about we just have a taste?" You are allowed to sample anything at Whole Foods apparently, you just have to ask. And I know it goes without saying but you never can tell with people but please, if you ask for a sample, be reasonable.  It used to drive me nuts when I worked in retail and girls would come in and try EVERYTHING on and walk out with nothing. But I digress.

Lydia, the nice lady with the samples let me bite into one of the Hamantashen and oh boy, they were what I was craving.  Then she offered me the entire container!  For free! I always knew the staff at Whole Foods in Green Hills were nice but for them to have a policy where a) you can sample everything and b) employees can use their discretion in this way, it's really justified why I shop there.  Quality in pretty much* every aspect.
*Except they don't sell Nutella but carry Hagen Daaz and Breyers ice cream which uses milk from cows injected with rBGH.