Singapore 2010: The Flight

Sorry for the cruddy pictures - I used my iPhone to take them on the flight.  This was typed on my iPad the evening we left on December 17th, 2010. The first in several of my updates of my trip to Singapore. Can't wait to share, I hope you enjoy reading!


Watching Hot Fuzz on plane, just had the second meal of the flight. We get meals. Real meals with dessert and fruit and salad. Sure, I may be biased but I cant help but love flying on Singapore airlines.  And yes I understand that all major airlines will feed you on international flights but the food on these flights are pretty good for what are essentially TV dinners.

Yay, I got the meal I wanted for the HKG-SIN leg!!

We get a menu of the meals for the flight and for the first leg from SFO to Hong Kong we had a choice of a stewed chicken provencale or a wok fried beef entree.   There's also an Indian/vegetarian option for the passengers going to India. We just had a mid flight meal, unfortunately for me they ran out of the udon noodle option so I had to have the omelette. Rough, I know.

Next flight, I hope it's not full so I can order the Chinese option (glutinous rice cake with shrimp) because I'm not sure I can stomach the baked eggs. The Indian option is chana dal masala (spiced chick pea, savory semolina, steamed cake, gravy, cured and pickles). FYI gravy in Asia is not made with guts or fat. Nor is it a disturbing white color. FYI.2, I do enjoy gravy from all parts of the globe.

Fresh fruit (dragon, pineapple and watermelon)

In case you're wondering, no its not (terribly) more expensive to fly SIA. Lessons I've learned over the years - if you want to cough up the baggage fees, domestic airlines should be able to check your luggage all the way through from Nashville to Singapore (or wherever you're going in Asia via SIA). Southwest, of course, doesn't. However, I like flying Southwest to San Fran (my departure port of choice for reasons I'll explain in a bit) because they're affordable, they don't charge for bags and they're usually on time, weather permitting.

I say that, but this trip was a helluva close shave. Because of the rain in Nashville, flights coming in were delayed. Therefore flights going out were delayed as well. But no matter, we got to SFO, bags and all and I'm typing this from the plane. No wifi yet unfortunately but that's not why I fly SIA (although they promise in-flight WiFi in 2011!).

On international fights, they give you socks, an eye mask (upon request) for those sensitive to sleeping even in the dimmest of light, a toothbrush and toothpaste, blankets and pillows. The blankets and pillows are always fresh which is awesome.  The bathrooms are always clean and smell nice and they provide mouthwash, cologne, hand lotion, combs and women's products.

Yes. That does say "Givenchy for Singapore Airlines." Classy all the way.

The biggest reason I fly from San Fran on SIA is the plane they use. - Boeing 777-300. It's newer, and the seats recline and slide forward enough that your ride is comfortable. There's a footrest, cupholders, and this:

Hot Fuzz. LOVE that movie.

Personal LCD screens with on-demand movies, TV shows, games and music. The selection for December 2010 include Inception, Eat, Pray, Love, Despicable Me, Wall Street to name a few and those are just the English movies, they also have an international movie selection so everyone from the cities SIA flies to/from are entertained.... (UPDATE: On the flight back they already had the January 2011 movies and I watched The Switch, Life As We Know It, Social Network, Julie & Julia and a couple more).

There's a USB port so you can actually watch movies you have on your iPhone or iPad on the screen, an aux input and a power outlet in each seat from which you can charge your laptop or gear. They have a galley in the rear of the plane from which you can get snacks, beverages and fruit. The service has always been great - the stewards are well trained and all very friendly and regardless of how long and grueling the flight, they're always in good spirits.

Holiday decorations. Made me happy to see actually!

We'll be stopping in Hong Kong en route to Singapore but we wont have to disembark thankfully so we'll just chill on here before our leg to Singapore.  During the stop a cleaning crew comes in to drop off new blankets and pillows for the next flight.

The flight this time of year IS rather pricey. We spent approximately $1800+ each, total.  when I flew home in January/February it's way cheaper, about $1200 including the domestic flight.  It is well worth it. The comfort of the flight, the service, I'm not sure I can fly anything else.

Well, except maybe I win the lottery and can afford first class but I'd still want to fly Singapore Airlines! Like their tagline from the 80's promised, it's a great way to fly.