Singapore Recap Pt. 3: Private Dining with The Grumpy Chef

This dinner was special for two reasons, the first being the fact that the chef and I grew up together and our families are still really close.  The second is that I've never experienced private dining, something that is a growing trend in Singapore where you and your friends dine on a prix fixe 5 course meal and it's just you, no one else. The setting is intimate and, not that I'm biased, the food was delicious.

I got to peek in the kitchen

Pretty dishes

Crab cakes taste WAY better when fresh crab is used. Thankfully Singapore has tons of fresh seafood.

Cream of Cauliflower with Truffle oil

Her bowls, cups and plates are all from a place called Daiso, a Japanese 2 Dollar store that sells alllllll sorts of home goods. But their dishes and serve ware are to-die-for.  I'm totally bringing an extra suitcase to stock up when I next visit. If you live in California or on the West Coast anywhere, there's a Daiso near you. I'm not sure if the prices are the same here but there? $2!


Coq au Vin

Actually homemade Tiramisu with tea in tiffin cups

Not sure how popular private dining is here in the States, or how affordable but for her price, The Grumpy Chef really is worth it when you think about how much it would cost to go out to a restaurant for a 5-course meal.  The experience was really chill, I loved having the entire place just for us and I didn't feel rushed at all.  Thank you to The Grumpy Chef for having us, and to my parents who treated us to this wonderful meal.