I Think I Know What I Want for Christmas

Gift cards!! It's the gift that keeps on giving. Sure, so's cash but how shameless do you think I am? I'm not going to ASK for cash.

But I say "think" because the last time I shopped at H&M, I about had a breakdown in the dressing room.  I forget that their sizes are kind of off - as in you could be a size 4 but you will only fit into a size 8 or up. It's as if they sized them like bridal gowns are sized (that, too, is cruel but something best left for another post).

That said, I'm excited that we'll be able to shop online even if we have to wait till 2012. About bloody time H&M, especially since the rumors of the old Davis Kidd space being turned into an H&M seem to be bogus (as most rumors can be) so it doesn't look like Nashville's going to get a shop anytime soon. Online it is!

So come 2012, it's time for us girls to play the guessing game - do I order this in an 8/10/12 or do I stick to my size? Because there's just no way to tell. However I see that as a minor blip because bottom line is we will be able to shop on H&M online, we don't have to get dressed up (or dressed, for that matter) to do so and no one's going to witness me in fetal position because I can't fit into something I'm theoretically supposed to fit into.