Sugar Rush

What's better than all you can eat cupcakes, candy, chocolate and sweet treats galore for just $10? All you can eat cupcakes, candy, chocolate and sweet treats galore PLUS two drink tickets for $10 that's what! I don't know about you but I am beyond excited about HerNashville's upcoming dessert extravaganza Sugar Rush at the Cannery Ballroom on October 27th.

Here's the full lineup:

Sparkle Cupcake Company
The Cupcake Collection
Sweets Ndulgence
Dippin' Dots
Toffee Cellar
Buzzy's Candy Store
Yogi's Frozen Yogurt
The Bang Candy Company
Puffy Muffin
Randy's Famous Cheesecake
Goo Goo Clusters
TuttoBene Bakery
Yin Yang Cupcake Bar
Pied Piper Creamery

Some of these are familiar names, others might not be but I think you'll be in for a treat - Yin Yang Cupcake Bar specializes in cupcakes infused with alcohol like chocolate and coffee with a Kahlua buttercream frosting (the self-named Yin Yang). I'd love to try the Greek Goddess which their website describes as "Strawberry cake infused with rosé champagne and coupled with a champagne frosting. Topped with Pop Rocks and edible pearls for "bubbles and fizz. [sic]"

Also, if you haven't already heard, our classic Nashville candy company Goo Goo Cluster has updated their look and flavor to not contain gelatin anymore!! Take my word for it - they're even yummier than before so grab definitely stop by and try some while you're at the event. You can also read all about their ingredient changes and packaging updates here.

And who doesn't love Dippin' Dots? I, personally, can't say no to that when it's available and for a mere $10 you can consume all the sugar you can handle. "Rush" may be an understatement! Bring your friends, be ready for some serious (more like seriously FUN amirite??) sweet eats that would even bring Adam Richman to his knees.

Tickets are selling out fast, especially after today's half-off deal so click here to purchase tickets. For more details visit HerNashville {dot} com.