Sloco Sammies Made Me A Sandwich Convert

Sandwiches have never been my first choice when it comes to a meal. To me they were more of a snack or even breakfast and if I had to choose where to eat, places like Subway (putting the "sub" in "sub par") or Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mike's have always been way down on my list. Like WAY down, after Krystal's.

Then I had a sandwich from Sloco and boy am I singing a different tune! I don't think I've ever had a better sandwich!

My favorite local food bloggers and I were lucky to get a preview last week (Thanks Chef Jeremy Barlow for inviting us and to Beth for coordinating). I tried the Pastrami (sliced pastrami, sharp cheddar, tomato spread, garlic vinaigrette, olive oil, pickled relish, micro herbs - $8), the Redneck Reuben (corned pork shoulder, caraway slaw, swiss-style cheese, dijon - $7.25), a bit of Amanda's Chicken Salad sandwich (pulled chicken leg, aioli, crispy sweet potatoes, honey apple vinaigrette on multigrain - $7) and the Loafless Meatloaf (Braused beef, potato puree, thick jus + greens - $7.50) and I ordered the pesto chicken (chicken breast, herb pesto, goat cheese, marinated tomatoes, greens - $7.75). I'm officially a sandwich convert.

I was too busy snarfing down mine to take a picture but the it was was great. Thankfully Beth of Eat. Drink. Smile had the wherewithal to take it slow so here's her picture of the Pesto Chicken:

The pesto was tasty but it didn't overwhelm the tender, juicy chicken. Tomatoes were marinated nicely and who doesn't love goat cheese? For me, one sandwich is more than enough for lunch and I really feel the prices are beyond reasonable. This is going to be a great place for people who work around Belmont and 12th South to just grab and go. They made the sandwiches really quickly (and they weren't messy) and I waited for maybe 2 minutes after ordering.

Kids won't miss out - there's also a peanut butter sandwich and a kid's ham and cheese you could order for them. Sides are Avacado Oil Potato Chips, pickles and cookies. Sloco uses only local, organic and seasonal ingredients for their very tasty sandwiches. You also have the option of ordering gluten-free bread if that's what you prefer.

We all left happy, I can't wait to go back (especially since The Husband loves sandwiches) and it looks like I won't have to wait long at all since it opens tomorrow!! If you go, I'd love to know what you had and what you think!

Sloco | 2905 21th Ave S. Nashville 37204 | Mon - Sat 11am - 3pm | Slocolocal {dot} com