Peter Nappi

The Husband and I spent Saturday together, driving around town and doing a bit of shopping. While at Imogene + Willie, I complimented I+M's Rhett on his awesome blue leather boots. He told me a friend of his made them, that said friend Peter Nappi is local and these were named after him. I was looking at my first, real life pair of Murdaughs and I liked them.


I'd seen them before on Stella Shops so I already knew they'd be beautiful but wow. And The Husband had been dying to go over there but neither of us realized they'd been open for business. No better time than that moment so we drove over to Germantown and proceeded to get lost on the way.

Tip: do not trust your iPhone's map or GPS to find Peter Nappi. Here are the directions - from Jefferson St, turn on to 3rd avenue north. Take a right on Monroe, go over train tracks and you'll dead end into an old brick warehouse. That's where it is. Your GPS will send you a couple of streets over so resist all urges to follow it. If all else fails call them, they'll direct you.

The shop itself is a lot like what you'd expect - bare brick walls, high ceilings and low lighting. There's some natural light that sneaks its way in from the lofted windows but in spite of its delapidated warehouse exterior, they've cleaned up the inside to where it's homey and kind of warm. There's sofas and arm chairs, a kitchen area flanked by shelves of boots and shoes in their wooden boxes (so cool) and their staff is welcoming but not pushy at all, letting you look at the gorgeous leather bags, wallets, accessories and shoes at your leisure.

I recently opened a "Goal Savings" account and I'm not embarrassed to admit that "something from Peter Nappi" is my first goal. I'm in love with this bag but in suede. Drool.



Peter Nappi  |  1308 Adams Street, Nashville 37208  |

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