Singapore 2011 - My Lunch at db Bistro Moderne

I'm skipping ahead a little and I wanted to let you in on the fantastic chef's tasting lunch The Husband, Victoria of Gastronommy and I had at db Bistro Moderne at Marina Bay Sands. We were prepared to cough up $28 on a burger (which I hear is better than most burgers the world around) for lunch that day but thanks to Chef Stephane Istel, we were treated instead to plate after plate of the finest food I've had this year. And I've eaten a LOT of good food this year.

Raw oyster (tasted SO fresh), prosciutto with baby rocket and shaved parmesan, shaved truffle on fresh orecchiette in the tastiest ragu I've ever had, beautifully seared, marbled beef and fish flown in from somewhere I can't recall (I am the worst blogger ever) with crispy skin and caviar.

Lesson learned, next time I eat a meal this good I'm blogging and saving as a draft that same day.

First of all, thank you to Gastronommy without whom I would never have such wonderful opportunities.  Big thanks goes to Chef Stephane who made us this fantastic meal. We were stuffed. But oh wait there's more. Dessert!!

This souffle was so light, so airy and such a challenge to not consume all by myself. I didn't really have to fight the urge much though because we also had a lemon floating island dessert - an airy, sorbet like "island" sitting in a yogurt sauce with poached fruit and a basket of teeny madeleines.

I was also curious to see what those were like and so glad chef brought it to us. It's enough for eight people to share, it comes to you fresh and warm in a basket and they're all teeny and bite sized so if you're not looking for a heavy dessert and you just want something sweet with your coffee at the end of your meal, order that.

What a day... it was hard to top that but luckily for us Singapore had more treats in store. I did go back for dinner with my parents later during the trip and ordered the duck confit (it fell off the bone it was so damn good). Thank you so much Victoria and thank you Chef Stephane, it was amazing and I hope to return to the restaurant the next time I'm back. More again soon.