I Confess

Have you guys picked up this month's issue of HerNashville? It's pretty awesome - this issue they had readers submit (anonymously) confessions and some of them are rather cringe-inducing while some are just plain hilarious.

My favorites:

"I am confident that I am smarter than all of my co-workers."

"It really bothers me to see overweight people eating greasy food. I just want to knock that burger out of their hands."

"I eat cake in my car alone so I can keep telling my children that too many sweets are bad for them."

"I love hemorrhoid wipes. Do I really need to elaborate?"

And to be fair, here's mine:

I had a dream where I was living with my parents, 16 again and dating Justin Bieber. There. I said it.

There was another confession in the issue that I loved and can fully relate to but I shall not post because, well, karma's a bitch. In the issue is also an article titled "Ta-Ta Toxins" which, at first, I thought was about detoxing your boobs but it's not, it's about detoxing your life which I also enjoyed. Not going to spoil it for you all, go pick one up ASAP.