Awesome Morning

I love meeting chefs, especially ones who are creative and adventurous with their dishes. This morning I had the immense pleasure of meeting Chef Robbie Wilson who is head chef at Virago and Tavern as well as the other restaurants in the Virago family of restaurants.

My first question to him was "where do you get your kaya?" If you've never heard of or had Kaya jam it's a spread made of coconut milk and essence of pandan leaves. It's sweet, it's a very traditional Malaysian/Singaporean food and most importantly, it reminds me of home and makes me happy.

Tavern has a kaya on Texas toast dish served (rightly so) with an egg except theirs is fried but traditionally the egg is soft boiled with dark soy sauce, accompanied by a cup of kopi "O.".

We'd just had dinner at Tavern last Friday, I wanted to try the kaya sandwich but it was dinner time and my brain associates kaya with daytime meals so needless to say I'm going back there. More than just once or twice more because the menu is a great lost of Asian inspired dishes or they at least have Asian spices and sauces in them.

I wish I had more time to talk to him about food and his travels to Singapore and maybe, some day, I'll get to! In the meantime I want to thank his beautiful wife Emily for the $x off lunch card I was given. Not that I needed it to go back but it helps!!

So! Who wants to head there for lunch sometime??