Short Trip to DC

It's was a fun couple of days in Silver Spring, MD with a really really really fun trip to Georgetown and Washington D.C. the first day there. We ate a lot, I got to feast on Aunty Y's homemade almond cookies (my favorite cookie from home), green tea mochi, Japanese rice tea... the last meal of the trip was at Penang for some Malaysian food. Bliss.

I finally saw the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and saw that there are no secret tunnels in the reflecting pool. The cherry blossoms haven't blossomed but it didn't matter - DC is a beautiful city and I want to go back.

Home made almond cookies. I'd requested the recipe but apparently our almonds taste different from Asian almonds and won't yield the same results. Sad.

Japanese rice tea staying warm in the pot in a little basket/cozy thing.

Strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles. Yummo.

We had lunch at this cool little tea place called Teaism where they serve meals in bento boxes. I had the fried chicken box, it comes with a side of sweet potatoes and the brown rice helped balance the flavors quite well. We split the edamame (served chilled like it's supposed to be) and the tea hit the spot. Dessert was Teaism's ginger scones. It was fuel for the rest of the afternoon where we visited the Renwick Craft Gallery and shopped for a bit before heading home to some awesome Indian food for dinner.

The rest of the trip was relaxing, it was just so nice to see my friend who I've known since I was 11. I'm ever so grateful for her hospitality! Thanks E!